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EU Residence Permit

EU Residence Permit

Given to buyers of real estate worth over 250 000 euros and their spouses and any children up to 21 years of age.

Renewed every 5 years if the property remains in their ownership. There is no limit on updates.

The children of anyone in Greece who has received an EU residence permit in this way are legally entitled to a residence permit when they reach 21 years of age.

A prerequisite for the purchase of the property is that the buyer/ investor must be present in Greece.

Property buyers may be third country nationals (natural persons) or companies to be established, on condition that the buyers are shareholders in the company.

Either residential or commercial property can be purchased.

Buyers may purchase land, or build a property.

It is possible to lease out the property you purchase.

It is possible to buy more than one property to make up the 250,000 euro that is required for a residence permit. It is also possible to purchase a property worth 1,000,000 euro and for this to belong jointly to four owners.

You can also rent a hotel or furnished tourist homes for 10 years. The rent should amount to 250.000 euro and most be done via is a notarial act.

Holders of residence permits are entitled to access to schools and universities free of charge like all Greek citizens.

To obtain a residence permit it is necessary to have insurance and health care. Holders of residence permits themselves and their relatives must have access to these.

You can only access the labour market as a company shareholder or as a CEO.

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