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The process of purchase

The process of purchase

In order to fully enjoy the Greek climate and feel the extraordinary atmosphere, you can visit Greece on vacation and spend a few days exploring the property. Our offices are located in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki Peninsula, Olympic Riviera, the islands of Crete, Corfu, Thasos, Rhodes, Cyclades (Mykonos, Santorini, Paros). We will arrange a property demonstration tour with the maximum convenience for you in any region you choose. We are able to make you dream come true and to make a right choice.

You can review the Greek property data base on our website www.younan-aqar.com, our on-line real estate consultant can answer any questions which can arise. Property demonstration tour gives you the opportunity to see the selected objects and to get more information on spot.

Once the choice is done, the authorized lawyer will open for you a bank account (if desired) and will receive the Greek tax identification number. It is necessary for the official registration of the transaction and the subsequent payment of the tax on purchase to the State. These procedures can be carried out without your presence in virtue of power of attorney.

The next step is a real estate check by the lawyer. The lawyer carries out detailed legal examination of documents in the state Land Registrar on a specific property (in order to exclude any encumbrances, liens, carries out the identification of contracts, etc.). Result of the examination, signed and certified, is transferred to the buyer. This process takes several days and is an integral part of the European practice of concluding a contract on the transfer of ownership.

After this the lawyer will submit to the competent department of the Tax Office the declaration of transfer tax. Transfer tax rate is currently set at 3.09% for properties with a building permit issued before 01.01.2006 and 23% – after that date. If the property is bought from private owners, the tax regardless of the date of construction of the building will amount to 3.09%.

Important notice!

The lawyers bear full material liability! The notary office is a State authority!

The final stage is the conclusion of the purchase agreement. You can trust the signing of the agreement to the lawyer who will act on your behalf by virtue of the power of attorney. The contract is concluded in the presence of a notary, who in his/her turn, once again checks all the documents. After the signing of the Basic Agreement you will be given the full package of documents, certified and translated into your language, as well as: building permit, Energy efficiency certificate, plan of the property and topographic plan.

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