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We will arrange for an invitation so that you can come to Greece.

We can provide you with advice and recommendations from qualified professionals with excellent knowledge of the relevant legislation.

We will complete all the necessary processes as we work with leading professionals in the industry such as lawyers, notaries, insurance consultants, accountants, economists, surveyors, civil engineers and doctors.

We have an enormous detailed database of properties all over Greece and an advanced search system so that we can respond promptly to your queries We will obtain the necessary licenses.

We will arrange your legal representation.

We can obtain invitations for you to take part in:

Trade Shows and Conferences


Commercial cooperations (import-export)

Business Opportunities for acquiring existing businesses and founding new businesses

For investments in property and land (Real Estate)

We invite you to become involved in:

medical tourism, medical examinations & treatment

religious tourism

conference tourism

sports tourism


We can arrange:

  1. Invitations
  2. To pick you up on arrival.
  3. Office space for your mailing address and your appointments.
  4. A lawyer to deal with your paperwork
  5. An accountant for VAT and bank account purposes.
  6. A property engineer.
  7. A tour of property and businesses.
  8. To make reservations for you and find an accommodation complex, a hotel or a furnished house according to your requirements.
  • Subsidy for up to 50% of your investment in Greece.
  • This allows you to build your factory, craft centres or tourist complex at half price.
  • You can establish your business in Greece and set up branches throughout Europe.
  • Ability to produce European products.
  • We conduct market research for you on any of your fields of interest, and we present a comprehensive study on the cost of the investment, the rate of subsidy you are entitled to, the cost of the product, the competitive environment and the final (competitive) sale price of produced product.
  • We will prepare a Business Plan/Technical and financial studies. Coastal land and industrial plots for various investments are subsidised by up to 50% of the total investment by Greece and the European Union.

Some examples are:

  1. Hotel complexes
  2. Bungalows
  3. Camping
  4. Agrotourism complexes
  5. Conference Centers
  6. Golf Courses
  7. Ski resorts
  8. Marinas
  9. Islands
  10. Logistics – Warehouses
  11. Residential Development Land
  12. Factory Complexes
  13. Manufacturing Units
  14. Agricultural Units
  15. Livestock Units
  16. Renewable energy sources
  17. Processing units for agricultural products and foodstuffs


  • We ensure your investment is completely ready for you.
  • Greece has many construction companies with extensive know-how and highly qualified scientific personnel. These companies have already carried out a large range of technical, construction and energy projects abroad and have been particularly heavily involved in the Middle East, Arab countries and Africa.


Talk to us about the service you are interested in and we will immediately send you our suggestions, with full details, photos and contact details so you can obtain a fuller picture of what you are looking for.

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