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Residency permit in Greece

Residency permit in Greece

The owner of the immovable property may obtain the residency permit regardless of its value, the same time there are no limitations on the duration of stay in the country. The process of obtaining is an extremely simple and transparent and the lawyers of our company will undertake all the paper and documentary work.

Depending on the value of the property there are 2 options of gaining a residence permit:

1.When buying real estate valued up to 250,000 euro, the owner and family members enter Greece with a type D visa, they have to proof existence of sufficient income of 2,000 euro per month (the amount increases by 20% for the spouse and 15% for each child) and obtain a residence permit for a period of 2 years after that they are entitled to extend the residency permit for 3 years. The value of the acquired property is of no importance, it can be even 10,000 euro!

2.When buying real estate valued from 250.000 euro and above: a residence permit under the simplified scheme, without intermediate type D visa and without the need for a certain amount in the bank account. The owner of the property as well as his/her family members (husband / wife and minor children), applying for a residence permit, obtain it immediately for a period of 5 years with right to extend!

Due to the fact of ownership, the owner of the property, as well as his/her family-members are entitled to obtain the residency permit

  • to stay unlimited number of days in the year on the territory of Greece and travel around Europe.
  • get a European education in the best universities of Greece!

You can familiarize yourself with the details and nuances directly during the purchase process, as well as after the purchase registration, with the support of competent experts of real estate market. Therefore, our lawyers will assist you in the preparation of documents for a residence permit in Greece and submitting documents to the immigration authorities in the most effective manner.

Explanatory Notes:

By buying a rented property, apartment, villa, hotel, shop, car park, service station, etc. you can enjoy an annual return of 5 – 10% on your money.

Freedom of movement and residence between the 26 countries which are signatories to the Schengen Treaty.

Opportunity to establish a company in Greece and to open branches across Europe.

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